Online Industrial Training for Freshers

Every year more than 15 lakh engineers graduate from thousands of engineering colleges in India, hoping to start a career in IT. However, most of them are unemployable. Theoretical curriculum which has been static since decades coupled with rote learning approach targeted at clearing theory exams leaves these graduates ill-prepared for taking on a real IT job.

We, at Trisect, believe that these students are fundamentally capable and with right guidance and education, they can be transformed into valuable software developers for IT companies by providing the required guidance, industrial training and mentoring.

So that is the mission we have chosen for ourselves “To transform engineering graduates into valuable software engineers for the IT industry”.

We achieve this transformation by maintaining sharp focus in our industrial training on:

  • Making students independent – teach them how to learn on their own and how to solve problems independently
  • Imparting work ethics – Work hard, be sincere, and never give up
  • Imparting real world software development skills – Use modern tools, platforms, and languages to solves 100s of programming problems and gradually build enough muscle and confidence to design and solve reasonably complex problems independently.

All industrial training programs are delivered by professionals in software development field with decades of rich experience. This helps us ensure that our online training programs maintain the practical edge that college education lacks.

We further ensure that every student who successfully completes the training program has achieved high degree of professional software development skills. Any student who does not meet the bar is encouraged to repeat the required modules until they are fit for the job.